2018 Xunlei Blockchain Applications Global Challenge Top 10 Announcement

       The top 10 teams in 2018 Xunlei Blockchain Applications Global Challenge have been officially selected from the top 50 teams after a thorough judgement process. The evaluation factors have included blockchain adoption, technology implementation, commercial value, creativity and product design.

       The top 10 teams include participants from China and the United States. Their projects are developed for various sectors, such as Social Network, Healthcare, Public Welfare, Sports, Product Identification and Information Verification. The shortlisted teams will then receive one-on-one guidance from the panel of experts to improve and refine blockhain projects for the final stage which will be held in Shenzhen, China on July 6.


The top 10 teams (in no particular order) are as follows:



Project Description


Love Medical   Team-Medical Assistant

The application registers physicians' professional qualifications on the blockchain. Moreover,it protects the IPR of medical works and safeguards them in a traceable and falsification-proof manner by hosting key information such as their   timestamps, content hash, authors on the blockchain. The application also   improves the precision of medical knowledge and motivates medical workers to  share their medical knowledge. In addition, it certifies professional   qualification of medical service and provides traceable IPR protection of   works from medical workers.



This is a graphic tool used to generate and edit smart contracts. It enables users  to drag and drop basic components on a page to customize smart contracts they   need. The tool provides vulnerability detection that automatically examines   the security of a smart contract while it is being generated.

Commodity Identification

The Mirror

A cloud platform-based blockchain service provides small and medium sized manufactures with accounting, contracting and redemption rights of commodities that are enabled by tokens. Only tokens that represent rights to redeem commodities are circulated on the intermediate steps of sales. By doing so, a virtual inventory is maintained and manufacturers can ship goods directly on orders. As a consequence, there will be no space or time for counterfeiting on such intermediate steps.

Social Network


A KOL-driven decentralized app store eliminates data control and unconditional  share of commission that are typical in centralized stores. KOLs select their   favorite apps as building blocks and combine them into an independent app.   The earrings are shared by developers, KOLs and fans.Returning power and   freedom to creators and makers.

Goods   Identification

Share Chain+

It provides traceability to e-Commerce products on vip.com.



Turquoise TACChain Union

All data from turquoise mining to sales are recorded on the blockchain. Stored in  a distributed manner, these records cannot be falsified. The permanent   storage of additional information from the turquoise tracing blockchain adds   cultural properties and additional values to the products.


Oasis Team

This is a simulation game that leverages blockchain to address game players'   distrust to operators due to lack of transparency, undisclosed changes, and   unequal positions of game players in traditional game design.Redefine the   relationship between players and developers.


Authentication Chain

A real-name authentication service, based on ThunderChain, low cost and more security.



When a user goes jogging offline, the running app plots his/her trace and builds a graphic using a series of GPS coordinates. Next, the information and graphic of the exercise are registered on the blockchain to share the running trace.

Public Welfare

The Love Squad

A habit formation DApp, which leverages the concepts and features of smart   contracts to define a set of fair, open, and subtle mechanism of reward and   penalty. This mechanism encourages users to voluntarily supervise one another, so that they can develop habits in 21 days and become more excellent!


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