Introduction to Smart Contract Open Platform

ThunderChain provides stable, fast and low-cost blockchain services, helping developers reduce costs and create decentralized applications in various industries including financing, e-commerce, game and social media. It helps developers quickly deploy the smart contracts, allows enterprises to easily implement their products and services on the blockchain and develop blockchain applications more conveniently.

Quick Implementation

The underlying blockchain system is open and decentralized, supporting all logical processing without any charges. Developers can easily build their own blockchain applications without purchasing additional servers, which significantly reduces the cost and time on migration and maintenance.

Excellent Performance

An optimized practical byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT) is adopted by ThunderChain as its consensus model which results in low latency and makes it possible to generate one block per second. PBFT, as a consistency algorithm, is able to avoid soft fork, ensuring stable operating performance.

More Applications

ThunderChain can applied in multiple business scenarios, including finance, e-commerce and social media. For example, an artificial pet game can be developed with blockchain technology to cover functions like trading, breeding and competition of virtual pets. The whole life cycle of assets can be integrated into the chain, making it possible to authorize and trace information.