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Smart Contract Open Platform

ThunderChain provides stable, fast and low-cost blockchain services, helping developers reduce costs and create decentralized applications

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LinkToken Exchange

Activate the LinkToken Pocket Exchange Module when LinkToken Pocket users scan QR codes or access from APP, making it easy to complete exchange of LinkToken into corresponding services

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ThunderChain File System

A distributed file system for file storage and authorized distribution, built specifically for blockchain applications

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About ThunderChain

ThunderChain is a high-performance blockchain infrastructure launched by Onething Technologies, a subsidiary of Xunlei Limited (Nasdaq: XNET). Leveraging the company's patented distributed technologies and over a decade of experience, Xunlei creatively combines shared computing with blockchain to handle millions of transactions per second (TPS) and realize confirmation in seconds.

With ThunderChain, corporate and individual developers can easily create blockchain applications featured with trustworthiness, openness, transparency and traceability, achieving significant increase in efficiency. ThunderChain, as the world's prominent blockchain technology, can be applied in a spectrum of scenarios in order to empower the real economy.

  • Blockchain 3.0 Representative Mainnet

  • Million-TPS Processing Capability

  • Forerunner in Blockchain Applications

  • One-Stop Support for Blockchain Entrepreneurs

  • Numbers of Patented Distributed Technologies

ThunderChain – The Representative Mainnet of Blockchain 3.0 Era

ThunderChain has entered the practical stage to develop blockchain applications. ThunderChain is dedicated to exploring the practical adoption of blockchain in various industries and sectors.

Blockchain 1.0

Bitcoin's rise to popularity – largely due to its investment value – can be categorized as Blockchain 1.0.

Blockchain 2.0

Ethereum's adoption as a decentralized platform for a limited set of application scenarios is categorized as Blockchain 2.0.

Blockchain 3.0

Blockchain 3.0 platforms should be stable, fast and affordable to involve a large number of developers and companies to create practical solutions benefiting real economy and every individual's daily life.

One-Stop Support for Blockchain Entrepreneurs

ThunderChain provides solid support to help developers across various industries radically focus on application development and functional innovation.

Technical Support with World-leading Technological Innovation

Million-TPS Processing Capability

ThunderChain, based on Xunlei's proprietary homogeneous multichain framework, is the first in the industry to realize confirmation and interaction among homogeneous chains and enable multiple transactions to be executed on different chains in parallel, making it possible to concurrently conduct millions of transactions per second (TPS).

One-Second-Confirmation, Quick & Reliable

The optimized practical byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT) and Delegated Proof-of-Ability (DPoA) are adopted by ThunderChain as its consensus model which results in low latency and makes it possible to generate one block per second. PBFT, as a consistency algorithm, is able to avoid soft fork, ensuring stable operating performance.

Easy Access with Strong Compatibility

ThunderChain supports smart contracts written in solidity language and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it easy to migrate applications from other blockchain platforms.

Flexibility to Cope with Burst Traffic at Ease

Multiple-chain structure has extremely strong scalability. When the business scale grows, new chains can be expanded to improve the concurrence ability of application.

Announcement on ThunderChain Open Platform Developer Support Program

In order to promote the landing of blockchain entities and create phenomenal level blockchain technology application products, ThunderChain Open Platform Developer Support Program is started to help developers get rid of the problems in respect of development costs and focus on the business application level, jointly apply ThunderChain technology advantages to various application scenarios and enable the real economy.

II. Smart contract Performance Cost Support (Phase I)

Exposure to 400 Million Xunlei User Base

Access to Xunlei's more than ten years of distributed technology experience and 400 million + user base, sharing the LinkToken ecosystem with millions of users, to jointly build a global leading blockchain ecosystem.

Through one-to-one consultations with companies, Xunlei can accurately understand the needs, conduct accurate product promotion, and fully integrate the promotion and marketing resources from Xunlei.

Investment and Financing Support: Incubate Start Projects with Institutional Investments

Together with renowned investors, Xunlei can connect startups with angel funds and help achieve entrepreneurs' blockchain dream.

Blockchain 3.0 Solutions for Multiple Industries

We provide blockchain services with smart contract development, decentralized application, blockchain business ecosystem development and serve industrial sectors, artificial intelligence, life sciences among others.

Case Studies

One Foundation Charity information on blockchain, exploring a new future for philanthropy

One Foundation, an innovative non-profit organization and China's first private public foundation, is committed to building a professional and transparent philanthropy platform. It uses ThunderChain solution to record charity information, ensuring the security and fairness of information.

Information on the Blockchain Tamper-proof Open and Transparent

HGBC User-centric project to reshape the genetic industry

HGBC adopts world leading genome-sequencing technology, to digitalize individual DNA and authorize the genome data to individuals through ThunderChain, allowing the user to control his/her own data ownership and ensuring data security.

Users store its genetic data into the cloud storage service and acquires the unique address for downloading and data fingerprint. Data fingerprint and user address will be written into the blockchain (address for downloading after encryption). Users' genetic data becomes digital asset in the HGBC platform. Users can authorize sharing and in return obtain rewards, while enjoying various genetic testing services and obtaining health benefits.

Big Data Data Authorization Health Assets

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