ThunderChain aims to provide a platform for the growth of developers across various sectors and address the difficulties which both organizations and developers face when applying blockchain in an all-dimensional approach, thus enabling developers to focus on application innovations and function developments.

Consulting and Training on Blockchain Implementation

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Blockchain Solution Design

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Blockchain system building

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Contract Open-platform Access

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Blockchain Platform Building

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Industry Solutions

We provide services including smart contract development, blockchain implementation, commercial ecosystem building for blockchain, outreaching entity industries, AI, Internet of Things, life science and others.
Goods traceability
Medical industry
Supply chain finance
Electronic billing
Electronic vouchers
Retail loyalty points

【Goods traceability】What can be done in this industry using ThunderChain technology ?

Blockchain, combined with Internet of Things (IoT), is able to store the data of goods in terms of their production, processing, transportation, sales and other links on the chain. By taking advantage of blockchain’s features of being tamper-resistant, transparent and traceable, we can effectively guard against fake and shoddy goods, upgrade value of the goods and enhance the trust between consumers and producers.

【Medical industry】What can be done in this industry using ThunderChain technology ?

Coupled with data encryption, the blockchain technology can help form hospital consortium blockchain, enabling the sharing of medical data on the chain, breaking information silo among hospitals and reducing operating cost. Users just need to give authorization for a doctor to have access to their medical history data, thus achieving data sharing and data security while keeping users’ data in privacy and credibility.

【Supply chain finance】What can be done in this industry using ThunderChain technology ?

ThunderChain provides supply chain with highly efficient and secure financial accounting service, making it easy to split the creditors’ rights between enterprises, allow data transfer with one click and keep records clear and traceable, thus helping them shorten payment days and improve the efficiency of fund flows.

【Electronic billing】What can be done in this industry using ThunderChain technology ?

Given the blockchain’s technical features of being tamper-resistant and open and transparent, use the blockchain technology to make the whole process of billing on the chain, so as to make the transaction a close loop, including billing, whole-process real-time monitoring and business line.

【Electronic vouchers】What can be done in this industry using ThunderChain technology ?

The ThunderChain technology builds a steel-like protection chain for conventional electronic vouchers to improve the efficiency of verifying voucher authenticity, reduce the review difficulty and risk, and make the vouchers more secure and credible

【Retail loyalty points】What can be done in this industry using ThunderChain technology ?

ThunderChain provides the retail industry with redeemable points in horizontal alliances and allows the consumers to use their points in various retail scenarios, improving customers’ convergence and achieving resources sharing between retailers, joint enhancement of user loyalty and synergy to generate income

Core Advantages of ThunderChain

Million-level concurrent processing capability

Homogeneous multi-chain framework

The first to achieve million-level TPS

Fast and reliable second-level confirmation

DPoA+PBFT consensus mechanism features ultra-low latency

Strong consistency without bifurcation

Simple access and powerful compatibility

Support dual VMs of EVM and WASM, support solidity and C\C++ multiple language programming

No need to learn new language, C/C++ can complete the contract writing

Framework-based design and super-powerful expansion

Support configurable consensus algorithm and multiple scalability including replaceability of underlying storage system

Can be targeted at various scenarios, easily upgrade the extended blockchain application

Secure data, stable and reliable

Support multiple cryptographic algorithms including native cipher algorithm, provide advanced privacy protection solutions

Advanced cryptography technology guarantees privacy and data security

For Developers

ThunderChain intelligence supports the use of a few programming languages including solidity/C/C++ for development so that developers don't have to learn new languages to develop ThunderChain-based smart contract rapidly
Online Editor
The Open Smart Contract IDE
Code,compile,run smart contracts online

Key Facts of ThunderChain

To be continued
April 2019
WASM Virtual Machine (VM) went live
Reduced the contract development threshold; storage optimization
March 2019
Provided technical support to Copyright Protection Center of China
January 2019
Provided blockchain solution for South New Media
November 2018
Rebuilt the versions, optimized code logic and improved the performance of single chains
Blockchain has been put into application across dozens of industries
July 2018
Top 10 emerged in Xunlei Blockchain Application Contest
TCFS (ThunderChain File System) was launched
DPoA went live to strengthen consensus algorithm security
June 2018
China’s first non-governmental public-raising foundation - “One Foundation” - got access
May 2018
ThunderChain open platform was launched
April 2018
Homogeneous multi-chain architecture went live to support multi-chain expansion
Achieved million-level TPS target
December 2017
ThunderChain updated consensus algorithm
Second-level confirmation and strong consistency supported
October 2017
ThunderChain was launched

Cooperation Process

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Reaching Cooperation
Project Solutions Communication
R&D and Deployment
Maintenance and Upgrade
Contract Writing
Contract Review
Application Deployment

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