ThunderChain File System (TCFS), based on Xunlei's proprietary distributed technology and millions of shared computing nodes, is a distributed file system for data storage and authorized distribution. It is built specifically for blockchain platforms including ThunderChain and other platforms. Blockchain developers and enterprises can build DApps with distributed data storage and integration, possessing the improved capabilities in openness, transparency, temper-proof ability, traceability, reliability, security and encryption, mass storage and authorization.

Trust Mechanism

Open and transparent: Based on the merkle DAG file management technology, all the history of changes to the file can be kept, which can be queried and traced.

Tamper-proof: Data is indexed with a secure cryptographic hash, which will become a new file after modification and generate a new hash to ensure the data to be tamper-proof.

High storage reliability: After redundant data are encoded by FEC (Forward Erasure Code), they are stored on each shared computing node. At the system level, the automatic file repair mechanism is adopted, with data reliability of more than 15x9.

Rights Protection and Authorization Mechanism

Private Key: Data are stored by security slice using the public and private key signature technique to verify the holding relationship between the user and the file.

Token: A proprietary token authorization mechanism allows only authorized users to access data.

Rights authorization can be written into smart contracts for more efficient decentralized authorization management.

Incentive Mechanism

Enterprises can build their unique blockchain incentive mechanism.

Use smart contracts to implement the storage incentive mechanism to ensure stable participating nodes and more reliable file storage.

Case Studies

Copyright Distribution


Data Sharing

More to come

Solution Overview

Original music producers can upload and publish their own music singles or albums through the DAPP client side, sign and authenticate the content, and return hash of data on the chain. The copyright content of the original producer will be stored in ThunderChain File System after being sliced and encrypted, and the key attribute information of the content will be verified and registered on the blockchain. The ownership information on the blockchain can be viewed through the public page or tool on ThunderChain, and all uploaded information will be disclosed.

Solution Overview

In order to ensure the openness and transparency of the charitable organizations' funds, ThunderChain clearly records the financial data, such as income, expenditure and details of the public welfare funds onto the chain.

ThunderChain file system can make donation process public and transparent, providing open and tamper-proof project reports to ensure the safety and fairness of information records.

Solution Overview

For the phenomenon that personal data shared by users are abused by some enterprises, and the return of rights is not guaranteed, ThunderChain launches the storage, authentication and sharing solutions of data assets. While the data shared by users can be stored on the enterprise platform efficiently, the benefits of user-authorized sharing are sufficiently protected.

Taking the genetic platform that cooperates with ThunderChain as an example, the gene platform encrypts the user's DNA data and stores it in ThunderChain File System by means of ThunderChain industry solution. The genomic data information is authenticated and registered on the blockchain to allow users to effectively control their genetic data assets, and share their genetic data in the form of smart contract authorization so as to get rewards. The demanders of the genetic data can obtain the DNA data through ThunderChain File System after obtaining the user's authorization with a certain cost of the smart contract.