APP Exchange Scan code to Exchange

APP Exchange

By integrating SDK in mobile APP, companies can call a 'LinkToken Exchange' module to complete exchange of LinkToken. APP Exchange is applicable to mobile application scenarios.

Case Study

Application Procedures



Register to be the developer of ThunderChain Open Platform, complete identity verification and create applications for review.


Submit APPs

Go to the [Control Center] - [Applications] and submit the APP information.


Account Verification

After successfully submitting the application in 24 hours, transfer a designated number of LinkToken from your LinkToken Pocket to the official operational address of Onething Technologies for verifying the attribution of the account.


Sign the Agreement

Confirm the company information and sign the <ThunderChain Open Platform Developer Service Agreement> and <LinkToken Exchange Business Cooperation Agreement> to start the settlement process.


StellarCloud Verification

The LinkToken exchange is only available to companies who have registered, verified and purchased StellarCloud and Nebula CDN.