ThunderChain Description

What are the industry apps that are available onThunderChain?

The apps in various industries including IP copyright, game and entertainment, education, charity and public benefit, social management, medical service and health, and logistics, etc. are available on ThunderChain.

Compared to other chains, what are the advantages of ThunderChain in performance?

  1. Million-TPS: Million-TPS (concurrent processing capability of electronic data) is available on ThunderChain. The TPS capacity of former Ethereum is 7-15 transactions/second, and TPS of Visa is around 5000-8000 per second;

  2. One-Second-Confirmation: The optimized practical byzantine fault tolerance (PBFT) and Delegated Proof-of-Ability (DPoA) are adopted by ThunderChain as its consensus model which results in low latency and makes it possible to generate one block per second;

  3. Strong compatibility: ThunderChain supports smart contracts written in solidity language and is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM);

  4. Resource sharing: With Thunder's distributed technology precipitation and its hundreds of millions of user base, millions of active individuals of LinkToken ecology are shared to jointly establish the world-leading Blockchain ecosystem.

LinkToken Exchange

How to get ServiceId and key;

The developer gets the email verification code interface through API call for test access. The test platform sends an email to the developer's email address according to the email address (required) and verification code (required) submitted by the developer interface, which includes servce_Id and secret. For details, refer to: https://open.onethingcloud.com/en/site/docopen.html#711getemailverificationcode

Can the LinkToken Pocket exchange function successfully accessed be used on several apps?

No. LinkToken exchange function and LinkToken pocket address successfully verified can be only used for the verified business or app submitted at the current time.

Smart Contract

The call mode of the smart contract?

There are two smart contract call modes currently, namely Wake up LinkToken Pocket APP and LinkToken Pocket Code Scanning. The server call contract is the mode being developed for future compatibility.

ThunderChain is compatible with Ethereum. Can smart contract deployed in Ethereum be used to call LinkToken Pocket?

No. ThunderChain is compatible with smart contract developed in solidity language. Since the interface of Blockchain is independently developed, LinkToken Pocket cannot be used to call the interface of Ethereum.

The reason why 1 LinkToken is not returned for LinkToken Pocket call in test environment?

In test environment, after charging interface call succeeds, the test platform will transfer 1 LinkToken to address account submitted by the interface. LinkToken Pocket test version can receive the LinkToken.

For details, see Developer’s Guide to Smart Contract Open Platform -7.1.3 Call Charging Interface, Link: https://open.onethingcloud.com/en/site/docopen.html#713chargingfortestaccount

Download address of LinkToken Pocket test version: https://open.onethingcloud.com/en/site/docopen.html#92howtodownloadlinktokenpocketmobileappintestenvironment

How many LinkToken will be consumed for smart contract call? How should the value of gas_limit increase when calling the contract?

The LinkToken consumed for contract implementation is related to contract code. Refer to Developer’s Guide to Smart Contract Open Platform 7.2.3

Inquire estimated gas consumption (estimateGas). For details, refer to: https://open.onethingcloud.com/en/site/docopen.html#723inquireestimatedgasconsumptionestimategas

gas price is fixed, and we will get 0.01 LinkToken through multiplying it by fixed gas volume. So, can the developer configure gas price of smart contract?

Currently, gas_price is default system value and revision is unavailable. gas of normal exchange request in LinkToken Pocket is fixed. gas * gas_price is service fee of 0.01 LinkToken. gas of contract call transaction is determined by the called contract function computing volume, and entered by the caller.

How many smart contracts can one app be accessed?

According to business needs, the app can release multiple contracts. The platform sets no restriction on the number, but the open platform will review the authenticity of the smart contract release.

LinkToken Description

Can LinkToken be transferred?

The transfer of LinkToken between users is unavailable. For the apps connected with LinkToken exchange function in ThunderChain open platform, users can exchange LinkToken with the products and services in the apps.

Can LinkToken be released in transaction platform?

LinkToken complies with relevant national laws and regulations, and LinkToken release on any transaction platform is unavailable.

Is physical object exchange available for LinkToken exchange?

Physical object exchange is unavailable for LinkToken exchange of ThunderChain open platform.

How about subsequent LinkToken apps, and what are the roles in the ecosystem?

ThunderChain has the exchange base of LinkToken, which is gas of the smart contract call in ThunderChain and implementing consumption. LinkToken can exchange certain commodities (service) in compliance with the provisions and rules of the laws, and can be used as the base token of contract apps operating on ThunderChain in future.

Other Questions

For the apps connected with ThunderChain and releasing token, can the token be released on transaction platform?

LinkToken does not support any transaction platform. The enterprises and individuals cooperating with ThunderChain are kindly advised to comply with relevant national laws and regulations.

How to solve the problem that pbft algorithm only supports nodes within 100?

Hello. The more the nodes, the slower the consensus is. To increase general efficiency, the number of nodes should be reduced. Since ThunderChain prioritizes the performance and user experience, it does not consider solving the problem of more than 100 nodes based on pbft.

Can LinkToken test in official environment be used in sandbox environment?

No, because LinkToken Pocket in formal environment and sandbox test environment are on different chains.

Does ThunderChain support api in the category of cdn storage?

Hello. ThunderChain and cdn storage business are mutually independent. The realization and operation of smart contract (exclusiveof those failing in the assessment) do not restrict upper-layer business mode, and provide external interface to achieve contract call and inquiry. For details, refer to Developer’s Guide to Smart Contract Open Platform: https://open.onethingcloud.com/site/docode.html