Beginner's Guide

1. Introduction to ThunderChain

1.1 What is ThunderChain?

ThunderChain is a high-performance Blockchain with millions of tps high-concurrent processing capability and one-second-confirmation capability created by its Onething Technologies. On this basis, ThunderChain Open Platform is built to assist developers in quickly developing and deploying smart contracts. Enterprises or individuals can easily implement their products and services to take easier steps to develop Blockchain applications.

1.2 What is ThunderChain Open Platform?

ThunderChain Open Platform is an open platform for Blockchain services built by Onething Technologies on the strength of the "ThunderChain". Xunlei opens more than ten years of distributed technology precipitation and its hundreds of millions of user base, shares millions of active individuals of LinkToken ecology to lead the industry with a high starting point, which jointly build the world-leading Blockchain ecology.

1.3 What is the LinkToken exchange?

Let the LinkToken Pocket users transfer the LinkToken Pocket exchange module by using the RichScan or the merchant APP to easily exchange the corresponding services.

1.4 What is the smart contract open platform?

ThunderChain provides stable, fast and low-cost blockchain services, helping developers reduce costs and create decentralized applications in various industries including financing, e-commerce, game and social media. It helps developers quickly deploy the smart contracts, allows enterprises to easily implement their products and services on the blockchain and develop blockchain applications more conveniently.

2. How to register for an account and verify

2.1 User registration and login

Before an individual or enterprise developer wants to use the LinkToken exchange and the smart contract, you must firstly regist as the user of the platform. The phone number is the unique identification of the user. After successful registration, you can bind the E-mail. Login

Procedures of registration are as follows:

User Registration Procedures

2.2 E-mail Binding

After binding the E-mail, it is convenient to receive the message notification, which is convenient for contacting with the official authority. If you forget your password, you can reset your password via E-mail. Immediate Binding

2.3 Forget Password

After the user forgets the password, the system cannot be logged in. The password can be reset by phone number or email address.

Reset password by phone number verification code

Reset password by E-mail verification

2.4 Personal Authentication

Individual developers who want to submit a contract or use the LinkToken exchange function must first authenticate their personal information. Please register as a platform user before performing personal authentication. Please have your ID card and the photos of both sides of the ID card (the photos must be clear, where your profile picture must be included).

Authentication Now

2.5 Enterprise Authentication

Enterprise developers need to conduct enterprise authentication whose information includes the name of the enterprise, the scanned copy of the business license, the scanned copy of the legal representative's ID card or the scanned copy of the authentication. After the enterprise authentication is passed, the LinkToken exchange and smart contract functions can be used.

Authentication Now

3. How to create an app

LinkToken exchange and smart contract are related to the app. Before using the functions, one app must be created. Or else, the functions cannot be used. The user needs to submit the app information to the open platform for assessment. The app is in two types, namely mobile app and web app. Software package for downloading or verification should be provided for mobile app. The accessible website page and website registration information must be provided for web app.

Create Mobile App

Create Web App

4. How to access the smart contract open platform

4.1 How to access the test environment

Contract Submission Process in Test Environment

4.2 How to access the product environment

Contract Submission Process in Product Environment

5. How to access the LinkToken exchange

Developer’s Guide to LinkToken Exchange