I.      Application Introduction

The application using ThunderChain Smart Contract Open Platform (“Contract Open Platform” or “Open Platform”) interface shall provide the application introduction and experience links, and the application introduction shall include: application function introduction, “How to play”, detailed introduction of the usage scenario of Contract Open Platform interface, etc.

II. Business Information/Online Store Information:

1. The application using ThunderChain Open Platform interface does not fall into the scope of business prohibited by the laws and regulations of the country where it is located, and is not part of other applications that violate the morality and social conventions and are deemed not suitable for access by OneThing.

2. For special categories, special business qualifications that are necessary for special categories shall be provided;

3. The submitted document shall be consistent with the subject information, and the photo of the document shall be clear;

4. All documents submitted for audit must be valid for more than 3 months from the date of submission;

5. All the operational contents of the application and user applying for ThunderChain Open Platform must not involve illegal contents that violate the morality and social conventions or are prohibited by the state;

6. For authenticated enterprise user, the identification card submitted for audit must be the certificate of identification of the legal representative of the enterprise;

7. For authenticated enterprise user, when using the application of ThunderChain Open Platform interface, the usage scenario shall be consistent with the business scope on the provided business license.

III. LinkToken Pocket Account Address Information

1. The correctness of LinkToken Pocket account address information: the LinkToken Pocket account shall be correct, and the authentication information of LinkToken Pocket account must be consistent with the identification card.

2. The current binding LinkToken Pocket account address shall not be bound by other merchants.

IV. Requirements of Application Website:

1. The website must not allow the operation of the contents which are suspected being without complete qualification or illegal;

2. The website shall have the corresponding telecom business operation qualification (if any), and the time of obtaining the qualification shall be more than 24 hours.